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Welcome to this art collection, a mix of old and new pieces. Take a stroll through my virtual gallery, where every stroke tells a story and every piece whispers its own unique tale.

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Upcoming exhibitions:

  • April @Palette Perspectives art show in Minneapolis, USA, the showcased works were selected by the Art of Education University in collaboration with NAEA, the American National Art Association. 
  • February @Pretoria Art Museum, Ubuntu Group Exhibition Arcadia, Pretoria.

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Self portrait. Cycling around Texel island, the Nederlands  -         1,3 m x 0,45 m
Self portrait. Cycling around Texel island, the Nederlands - 1,3 m x 0,45 m
In my Studio
In my Studio
Nature's embrace.
Nature's embrace.

b. 1973
My Path .........

Born in the Netherlands I spent most of my childhood growing up in South Africa. My creative journey was shaped by the warm spirit of the Cape Winelands in the Paarl and Stellenbosch valleys, where I earned a bachelor's degree in visual arts and education from Stellenbosch University.

My work spans multiple mediums, but my passion and focus remain in painting. At the core of my creations is the richness of my life experiences, the wellspring from which I draw my inspiration. I follow a spark of energy, infusing the canvas with emotions and thoughts that flow from within. My goal is to capture a vibrant sense of light, and movement in each piece, serving as a unique and deeply personal reflection. Sometimes the process is messy. Sometimes it's raw. Sometimes it's calm and transformative.

My late father was a floriculturist, nurturing colorful flowers and plants on our farm. I have a deep connection to nature, and I paint florals using expressive gestural mark-making techniques that burst forth from within. The ever-present flow and cycles of nature, the movement, rhythms, light, and patterns, serve as a constant source of inspiration for my work. I'm drawn to outdoor adventures that include water and the ocean. There's something about the wild, chaotic beauty combined with a peaceful order that just captivates me. You'll often find me paddling on my kayak, absorbing the nature at Rietvlei Dam, (the world's largest nature reserve within an urban area), where hippos roam freely. Whether I'm by the shore or strolling along a nature trail, I enjoy soaking up every bit of beauty around me.

I feel honored that my work has received recognition and awards for painting, photography, and mixed media art. With over 2, 500 pieces finding new homes, it's been a heartwarming adventure. My work has been published, collected, and exhibited locally and abroad, even finding its way into esteemed investment art collections such as Rand Merchant Private Bank.

After marrying Johan-Paul, we settled in Irene, Gauteng. Initially,the plan was to stay for a few years, but life had other plans. Fast forward 24 years, and after raising our five amazing boys and a bunch of chickens—you guessed it—we're still here. 

While my passion lies in art,  I am able to bring my knowledge and experience to teaching, working at an international school as a visual and digital media arts teacher. I consider myself a lifelong learner, and being very interested in SEL (social-emotional learning ) and incorporating art as a springboard to encourage students wellbeing,  I'm currently pursuing a master's program in the field of art education at a US-based university.  In my spare time, I take pleasure in creating and spending time in my studio.

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